Monday, August 4, 2008

Five Things I Don’t Like, But Wish I Did

1. Condiments

I know I’m weird. But I don’t like mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise or anything that is a mixture of these things. I wish I did; I feel like a bit of a freak bringing my own barbecue sauce to grill parties.

2. Leggings

I especially dislike the ones that only go to the mid calf. To me they look like dance wear or make me flash back to the 1980s. I refuse to buy a pair and I just don’t like them. I wish I did; they are everywhere and can be a nice alternative to opaque
tights especially in the summer.

Don't these look like they belong at ballet practice?

3. Seafood

I remember eating fish sticks in my elementary school cafeteria. I even ate them with ketchup. Unfortunately as I have grown older, I have grown to dislike the texture, smell and taste of fish. The thought of eating a clam or shrimp is unbearable to me. Basically I don’t like any seafood. I wish I did; fish can be very healthy and it would make my life easier any time it is offered to me.

4. Christian Music Stations

Now, I realize I might get in trouble with this one, but hear me out. Being a believer I like the idea of Christian music stations. It is nice that there is a genre that is positive and doesn’t have any questionable material, and that there are stations that make this music accessible. But I find their content to be monotonous and repetitive. Any time I hear a song on a Christian music station I can’t tell if it is a current song or one recorded in 1998. But then I also find that in general Christian music itself can lack creativity and I don’t like to listen to it very much. I wish I did; there is an abundance of Country, R&B, and Christian music stations where I live, and it is hard to find groovy tunes to listen to.

5. Brad Pitt

I know, what a weird thing to want to like right? Here’s the thing: I think he’s a decent actor, but I actually don’t find him that attractive. At least not as attractive as every other woman on the planet does! He just doesn’t do it for me. I wish he did; Brad Pitt is everywhere! He’s on TV, all over the magazines at the grocery store, and of course in the movies. If I actually cared it might make all the in-your-face hoopla more tolerable.

After nearly two decades of hearing about how hot Mr. Pitt is, I still don't get it!


Zil said...

You forgot to include ankle socks!

Kelly said...

Oops, you are right! Maybe I'll do a post on 5 MORE things I don't like, but wish I did. However, I don't wish I liked ankle socks. There is no justification for wanting to like those!

heather said...

I am sorta the same way with Tom Cruise-he just doesn't appeal to me, but the rest of the female population seems to think he is a hottie. Although in recent years he has gotten sorta weird. But he didn't appeal to me that much even back in the Top Gun days.

Kelly said...

I never understood the fascination with Tom Cruise either. I can't say that I have ever been a fan of his acting or his looks. At least Brad has a broader range of characters that he plays!

carole said...

I'm right with you on every point but #1. :)