Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh So Young, Oh Such Bad Fashion Sense

My son has a world map and a map of the United States on the wall of his room. This morning as I was changing his diaper my daughter started pointing to certain places on the maps and was asking questions about them. Then she blurted out “I want to go to island when I get big.” I asked her, “Do you mean Ireland?” “No, ISLAND!” - I think she has watched Barbie as the Island Princess one too many times!

So I told her that I have been to an island. Her eyes got big. I told her that I went to an island for my honeymoon with Daddy after we got married. “Honeymoon? What’s honeymoon?” After explaining that it is a trip people take after getting married, I told her that I have pictures from my trip I could show her. She got really excited about that! She got so excited she mentioned it on the way to daycare. She mentioned as we were walking to her classroom. She mentioned as soon as I picked her up from daycare. She reminded me about it as we pulled into the garage. And she was so worried that I might forget to show her the photos after I put her brother down for a nap, she reminded me yet again once we got inside the house. Yeah, she was excited.

I dusted off the old scrapbook and began showing her our adventure to the Tahitian island of Moorea. I showed her the palm trees and the pineapple plantations. She saw Mommy with a flower in her hair and Daddy with a snorkel mask on his head. But as I was looking at these photos – taken almost nine years ago – I was astonished at how much nine years of marriage and two kids have changed us. Our priorities are different now especially with little ones. We don’t like the same movies or music anymore. Our grocery budget has expanded from $140 a month. I was a lot skinnier. And the fashions of 1999… yikes! My style certainly has changed.

Here we are on Cook's Bay in Moorea. Those particular short alls aren't so bad - I had other pairs that were much worse!

Swimming with the sharks on the Motu Boat Tour was fun. That, however, was not my favorite bathing suit.

Look how skinny we both were! Two kids later I finally have curves. And we got rid of my husbands pleated shorts - thank goodness!

It is fun (and sometimes a little scary) to look back at the different stages of my life. I was 23 when I got married. I was young. I was naive. I had no money. And I wouldn’t change a thing. But if I could go on a second honeymoon to Moorea, I would bring a digital camera and my clothes would not consist of short alls and $8 elastic sandals!


PeePaw said...

Just wait a few more years. Bell bottoms, side burns, the Animals, the Rascals, Hermans Hermits. Those were the days when I was growing up. You think you have shock looking at 9 year old pictures, just wait till you look at 39 year old pictures. What was so cool back then will make you hide your face in shame today.

Kelly said...

Hey, the Rascals are still kind of cool! You're right Dad, looking back at pictures of you when you were younger is pretty shocking! Hee, hee.