Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here are a few amusing stories about my kids:
My son is 16 months old and cannot yet walk or stand up on his own. I keep telling myself that it's okay, he won't crawl for the rest of his life. Besides, my daughter was 18 months old before she started. My son does crawl and it is quite amusing because he looks like a drunken guppy trying to swim. His tummy never leaves the floor and he uses his right elbow and his left leg to propel himself forward, while his remaining limbs do nothing but slap the floor. When he crawls in the kitchen it sounds like a limping gimpy horse is coming. You might say he's is a limpy gimpy drunken guppy.
My daughter is already quite the fashionista. She loves to pull clothes out of her dresser, try them on her and try them on her stuffed animals. Today after her bath she asked me to take her dress down out of her closet. Then she asked for her ballerina skirt - a big pink mess of tulle. She held the skirt up over the dress and said, "Thanks! Oh that will be so lovely." She then came downstairs wearing a dark pink summer dress with a sparkly ballerina skirt over it. She struck a fierce pose on the last step, displaying her magical ensemble.
The other night as we were eating dinner I asked our dog, Gracie, to back away from the dinner table. She tends to sit there with her mouth open for ANY food to drop and her breath is not very appetizing. A few minutes later my daughter told Gracie to move away. When asked why she said that Gracie's breath was stinky. My husband asked her what it smelled like and she said, "mosquito farts!"
Ah, siblings. My son is getting to the age where he is starting to torture his sister. One day they were taking a bath and my son was splashing the water all over the place. Then I started hearing the screams of annoyance from my daughter. She kept asking him to "stop it". He would then smile really big and splash with more vigor and purpose and in her direction. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't help it. I grew up with younger sisters and I know the torture a first born goes through. So on one hand I sympathized with my daughter; on the other hand he looked so cute with his huge smile as he drenched my daughter in bath water.

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