Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's a Cruel, Cruel World

Oh no! It happened. I thought I had escaped it, I thought I was done with it forever. But no. It is back in my life I am not too pleased.
My husband, who can't resist a good garage sale, brought home this:

Harry Chapin - Verities & Balderdash

Not only that, but he brought home a portable record player to play it on! Not only that but he has played it already as my children danced to 30,000 Pounds of Bananas! Dad I know this must give you an incredible sense of glee that your music once again is in my home. Invading my audio senses. Seeping into my psyche.

I hope you are happy! It's a cruel, cruel world indeed.


PeePaw said...

AHHHH! Harry Chapin!! I am sorry but his music is still the best. And OH YES! your husband is one that truly appreciates fine music. Fine music is like a fine wine ... to be enjoyed forever! Long live Harry Chapin's music!

Kelly said...

Like a fine wine? No, Dad. Harry Chapin's music is like Kool-Aid...or White Zinfandel (same thing in my opinion!). Unfortunately it lasts forever because of all of the sugar and preservatives, and then leaves a bad aftertaste.