Sunday, August 24, 2008

She's So Unusual

In a recent post, I mentioned that my husband brought home a record player from a garage sale. It was only $5; and I didn't mind the player but he brought home a Harry Chapin record much to my shigrin. Well, I have found that we have been using this record player quite a bit since it's purchase. My husband has quite a collection of records ranging from Ella Fitzgerald and Julie London to Kiddie Songs to the Bangles first album - can anyone say Walk Like an Egyptian?

This evening we were cleaning up after eating dinner when my husband puts a record in the player and let me just say ... I was overcome with giddy nostalgia! The beat of the music, the quirky melody, that unmistakable Betty Boop-like voice instantly took me back to when I was seven years old and buying my first record album with my own money. I was in the local Fred Meyer store perusing the titles, pretending to give everything careful consideration even though I already knew what I was going to get. Then I found my coveted treasure with a girl splashed on the cover wearing layers of thrift store finds and flaming multicolored hair. That's right folks, I picked Cyndi Lauper's She So Unusual. It was 1983, what else would it be?

Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual

Tonight as I listened to my newly rediscovered treasure, I was surprised at how many of the lyrics I remembered. I was also reminded why I used to only listen to side A as it has all of the totally rad, awesome and cool songs on it. The B side - with the exception of She Bop - is forgettable and not nearly as interesting. I also think that this album sounds so much better on LP than a CD. It just doesn't have the same feel if it has been digitally remastered.


heather said...

I have that same album =)

PeePaw said...

Let's see ... I don't know ... Cyndi Lauper or Harry Chapin ... huuummm ... Harry Chapin hands down, no contest!!!