Monday, August 25, 2008

This Will Look So Lovely ...

Fall. My favorite season for apparel. I love all of the wool and cashmere, the leather boots and the dark wash jeans that come into style. I can hardly wait to pack away my tank tops and get out my cozy sweaters. Unfortunately I will have to wait since there is at least a good month of warm weather ranging in the 70s and 80s.

Yesterday I took my four year-old daughter shopping for school supplies and clothes for when she starts preschool next week. She has an eye for style in her very young age. Choosing a brown top with polka dots on it she exclaimed "Oh, this will look lovely with my brown skirt!" She also chose a couple of new shirts and a melon pink sweatsuit with a studded crown.

Her backpack selection took no time at all as she immediately gravitated toward one that was pink with Disney princesses. I was relieved when she skipped over the My Little Pony (complete with a mane of hair sticking out of it) and the Barbie bride backpack (with a child sized veil included). When looking at a Hannah Montana bag she said "Ugh. Hannah Montana just doesn't work well for me." Good girl! I don't get the whole Miley Syrus thing and was a little shocked that she know who Hannah Montana was. All day long she has paraded around the house in her princess backpack and has been asking to look at all of her "school stuff" ... multiple times ... and keeps asking if it is fall yet.
I wish I could go school clothes shopping for me. A stay-at-home mom needs new threads once in a while doesn't she? I have a list of some things I am looking for and I like to look at style magazines - not that I could afford that gorgeous $800 Michael Kors handbag - but I still like to know what the trends are. Here is my opinion on some recent looks I have seen. Just in case you value my humble opinion.

I like this ensemble on Katie Holmes ... except for the pegged jeans! What is she thinking? I honestly didn't expect to see those again since they went out of style in 1989. The sweater, scarf and ballet flat combination is nice, but it would be so much better with a straight leg jean that actually fits her body.

I guess Katie Holmes is my fashion victim for the day. I think everything here look fine except for the leggings. Of course we know how I feel about those!

I love this look on Gwyneth Paltrow. It is classic but with a modern flare. I would love a grey flannel sheath dress and a tailored black blazer. Very simple and sophisticated.

If I had the occasion to wear it to, I would totally choose this outfit on Minka Kelly. It has an Audrey Hepburn quality to it and I love the simple lines with a feminine ruffle.

Cameron Diaz always makes her fashion endeavors look effortless. I like the simplicity of this look. For autumn I would maybe throw a cardigan over the tank top and wear a pair of camel leather boots.

There you have it. My fashion opinions for Fall 2008. In looking at the outfits I have commented on, I realize how much I love black and white in fun patterns. Hmmm, maybe that is what I should be looking for this season.


heather said...

I love your fashion sense!

And, I too, really miss shopping for clothes in the Fall! I pick up a thing here and there, but shopping for going back to school...practically getting a whole new wardrobe-that was so fun!

Kelly said...

I still just pick things here and there and I love a good sale. I would love to have more occasions to dress up but given my vocation and my geographic location ... jeans and t-shirt are pretty much my uniform.