Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vision Quests for Cats

In the last month or so my cat, Rangi, keeps going outside and disappearing. It isn't unusual that she trots around the neighborhood and chases moths, but not coming home during the day isn't like her. A couple of weeks ago she ended up huddled on our back step after being gone for a good 30 hours, and seemed a little ill for a couple of days. And now when she meows you can barely hear it - which isn't entirely bad considering she has a rather loud and whiny meow.

I think she must be on "walkabout" or some kind of spiritual journey for cats. Maybe she was de-meowed as some sort of initiation into a cat gang. Or perhaps she is on a pilgrimage to self-discovery.

In any case, she insists on going back out and she always returns; usually filthy and a bit surly. Sometimes I wish I could be a flea on her back just to see what she does all day.


Zil said...

Maybe Rangi has discovered an easy source of plump and juicy rodents!

PeePaw said...

Is she doing better? Have you taken her to the vet?

Nancy said...

I'm glad she keeps coming back! She is probably having her mid-catlife crisis or something. I'd check her for tattoos.
We now have two cats, Viatu and Jioni. We don't let them out because in Tucson they would get eaten by bobcats or coyotes. That at the fact that when they do get out Jioni won't come back in and Viatu comes in with usually some form of Lizard. Last time it was almost as big as she is! Ahhh!