Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Not Exactly Motown

This Labor Day weekend we went to Detroit ... Lake that is! Detroit Lake, Oregon is where we go camping every year with my husband's extended family. I always look forward to this annual event because I love these people, they are all so full of character and have made me feel a part of their clan. I also have never had much of a relationship with my own aunt, uncle and cousin, so I can't help but enjoy being part of a big family.

Usually Detroit is a party lake and tends to get pretty loud between the biker conventions and large motor boats; this year it was unusually quiet. I couldn't quite figure out why until the weather changed and it was windy, cold, and yes ... rainy! It seems everyone else knew that the weather was going to be a bit crummy and went elsewhere. I am glad we have a tent trailer to escape to when it is wet, although the mattress wreaked havoc on my back muscles.

I enjoyed the trip but I am glad to be home. I am still trying to get the smell of campfire out of everything.

Here is my son (left) and his cousin wearing matching hats. It was in the 50s and 60s on this particular camping trip. Brrrrr!

Time Flies

My baby is starting preschool tomorrow - sniff, sniff. She is four and I knew this time was coming, but I can't help but feel emotional about the whole thing. I am amazed at how quickly time flew by and before I knew it she became this intelligent and beautiful young lady. Suddenly I feel old.

Sibling Mischief

My son is quite mischievious sometimes, but in a good natured way. He often will eat his dinner earlier than the rest of us so he is free to roam around while we sit at the table and eat. He loves to slither up underneath his sister's chair and tickle her feet. Then he tries to hide from her as he is giggling. I admit that I love to see my kids acting like typical siblings - he annoys her and she bosses him around. All is right with the world.

The Facebook Mentality

I have been on Facebook now for about a month. I have connnected with so many people and I love to see the photos that they post of their families and read up on what they are up to. I have realized, however, that many seem to want add you as a friend just to rack up the number of friends they have on their profile. They seem to like to nose around on your profile, but don't necessarily want to talk to you. I have mixed feelings about this mentality.

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