Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Joke is On Us

When I go grocery shopping, I prefer to go alone. My kids are generally well behaved and content when they go with me, but things go much faster and easier when I am by myself. Yesterday, however, I had to take them along.

I usually use a regular cart with my son in the seat and my daughter walking beside me. But yesterday I noticed one of those cool racecar carts that are usually unavailable, and I had to try it. My kids LOVED it! They each had a steering wheel and pretended they were racing while I got my shopping done. You would think it was all wonderful, right?

Wrong! That cart was impossible to steer. The wheels were vacillating, I was running into everything, and to make matters worse, I was wearing sandals with no traction. Can you imagine what I must have looked like? I can just see the surveillance footage of me sliding around the store, crashing into cardboard oreo displays and trying to gracefully turn corners - all while my children were blissfully making vrooom vrooom noises. Of course now my kids will want one of those carts from now on.

I think these carts were created as a big joke on the parents - and a good laugh for the store employees!


PeePaw said...

Race cars do not steer like other cars so I would assume the same from a race grocery cart. To drive a race car you have to have a helmet. I have one that I got from a garage sale that I can let you use!!

I wish they would have had cool carts like that when I was a youngster ... eons ago!

Kelly said...

Thanks Dad! I really think I need a helmet; and maybe other people in the store could use one too when I'm behind the wheel.

Does the helmet have anything cool on it like Wonder Woman? I would love a Wonder Woman helmet.

PeePaw said...

Sorry, it doesn't have Wonder Woman. It has a blue dragon on each side with lightning coming out of its paws(do dragons have paws?).