Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poop Marks the Spot

Lovely title, right? Well, let me just say that if the title offends you, don't read any further. But if crazy weird happenings interest you, keep on reading. This is something I just have to share.

This evening I was getting my son ready for bed. I was in his room, changing his diaper and getting him in his pajamas. As I get him ready I usually like to go over words with him like "Mommy" and "Da Da" so he can practice. Then I was trying to get him to point to Daddy or his big sister. I said "Is Daddy over here?" as I pointed to the U.S. map above his changing table, my finger landing on Mexico. My son made some undecipherable sounds and smiled.

Then my husband asked, "What is that?" I looked to where he was pointing and there was a little clump of something the size of a pinto bean stuck on the map - near Estes Park, Colorado! Upon further visual investigation, I feared that it may have been poop. After some olfactory investigation, it turns out we were right ... it was poop! My husband removed it with a baby wipe (fortunately the map was laminated!) and found that it was fairly fresh.

I know, gross! Still it is a total mystery as to how it got there. Ironically it landed on the map not far from where my dad lives. The strange thing is that Colorado on the map nearly two feet above the surface of the changing table, so why did poop fly up so high? It's a mystery - one that I 'm not sure I want to solve.


Zil said...

Thanks for today's chuckle! Well set up and well told!

Kelly said...

I'm glad I could bring a chuckle to your morning! said...

Oh the wonders of having children! That is so funny!

PeePaw said...

Sounds like rocket powered poop to me!