Thursday, September 25, 2008


What can I say, children are a constant source of entertainment ...

I think my son is destined to be a racecar driver or an artist. His favorite things to do include playing with his Hot Wheels (a yellow-orange Lotus is his latest favorite) and making milk art on his high chair tray. What this entails is allowing milk to drip out of his sippy cup onto the tray and rubbing his hands in it. Sometimes he will actually draw things with the milk. Something tells me he will be a very talented finger painter!

School has proven to be a great thing for my daughter. She goes right into her classroom full of confidence and eagerness to learn. She loves to do the projects and play on the playground with her "friends". Everyday when I pick her up I ask her if she made any friends she'll say "Yes. Some kids asked me to be their friend and then I freaked out!" After hearing her use the phrase "freaked out" a lot, my husband asked her if she knew what it meant. She didn't. So he pulled up YouTube and found videos of cats freaking out. She thinks it is THE funniest thing ever and begs us to play them all the time. She especially loves this one.

We live in a new neighborhood that is still under development. New homes are being built and there is an area where small cottages with alley access garages are going up. Right now there is only one cottage built and my daughter loves to drive by it and see the progress. Last week as we were driving past it I said, "Isn't it a cute little house?" My daughter very earnestly replied, "Yeah! It is cute ... are little people going to live in the little house Mom?" That just cracked me up!

I am pleased to say that my son crawls like a normal kid now. He will still slither around on his belly when he wants to go really fast - like to try to get away from me when it is time to take a bath. He is making new discoveries since getting a little further off the floor. He loves the remote controls and pressing buttons on the stereo! This just means we REALLY have to be careful about what we leave in his reach ... because he is a sneaky one!


heather said...

The "freaking out" is funny! I love how kids incorporate sayings into their vocabulary.

PeePaw said...

I have the cutest grand babies in the whole wide world!!!! Not only from a looks standpoint but in what they do and say!

Kelly said...

I have to agree Dad, you DO have the cutest grand babies in the whole wide world! Of course I am not the least bit biased.

PeePaw said...

Nah! Me neither!

I should also mention that I have the three most beautiful daughters in the whole world! And I am not biased either.