Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Snazzy New Look

What do you think of my blog layout and graphics? Ever since I started this blog in July I have been trying to get this look but since I don't have a "Blogspot" web address I have run into a few obstacles - the white center block didn't show up in at least two other browsers, the background would scroll along with the scroll bar, and some superfluous code threw my centering off.

It is my understanding that those with a Blogspot address have a layout feature under their Template tab. I do not; my blog address is on my own site. I have seen a lot of interesting blog backgrounds from sites like Pyzam and The Cutest Blog on the Block, but I am all about tailoring things to suit my style if I can. I found a blog where the author hired a graphic design studio to design her blog graphics. Then I thought to myself "Duh, I must try it myself". Fortunately I know a few things about HTML and after analyzing the code and adapting it to my blog I have been able to create a background, get the background to stay in place while you scroll, and I have tested it all out on Internet Explorer, Safari, and FireFox to check for a consistent look.

Over all I am pleased that I finally have the look I want, and was able to use my graphic design skills on my blog. The subtle fleur-de-lis and splashes of red are very me. However, now that I know how to do it, don't be surprised if I change the background ... a lot. Yeah, I change my mind often!


Zil said...

I like it and it is definitely your style!

Kelly said...

Thank you! I just love it when things fall into place.