Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pantry Raid

Look carefully, the title of this post is Pant-R-y Raid ... just to clarify! There is a difference between the story in which I am about to tell you and the tales of college pranks.

My little boy loves to get into things. This is no surprise since he is an 18 month-old and has the curiosity of a cat. His favorite thing used to be to open and close the pantry doors. Now he particularly enjoys taking everything out of the pantry (that is within his reach) and leave it all out on the kitchen floor for Mommy to trip over. His most recent gig is to pull out food and attempt to open the boxes and tins, and dumping the contents on the floor.

As you will see from the photo below, one lazy Saturday morning he succeeded in finding a box of graham crackers and helping himself. In fact, there were quite a few crackers left in the box and he ate them ALL! Of course we thought it was too cute to prevent him from doing so. Naturally we grabbed a camera instead and started clicking away.

As you can tell he is very pleased with himself! Don't you just love the Spider-Man pajamas?


PeePaw said...

Jack says: "Who sweet little ol' me?" He looks so innocent.

Laura said that is the cutest thing ever5!!

Kelly said...

It WAS pretty cute! He really knows how to turn on the charm, especially when he is being a little bit naughty - and he knows it!