Thursday, October 23, 2008

I: ________________.

I am: incredibly blessed.
I think: two kids are enough for me.
I know: the Lord is in control of my life.

I want: ice cream and peanut butter M & Ms to be fat and calorie free.
I have: an amazing family … and the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
I wish: my house never got messy.
I hate: mayonnaise, baby talk from grown-ups, and when people don’t return their grocery carts to the cart return.
I miss: living in a town where everything is lush and green.
I fear: heights, falling, and losing loved ones.
I feel: a strange twitching in my left eye.
I hear: giggling kids, barking dogs, and Tina Fey being funny.
I smell: welding metal as my husband works on his car in the garage.
I crave: cheesecake, cappuccinos and friendship.
I search: for inspiration.
I wonder: what my children will be like as adults.
I hope: someday I can drive a Land Rover. I just think they are super cool.
I love: taking baths on Sunday evenings.

I care: about the well-being of my family.
I always: check my blog for comments. I love comments!
I am not: a terribly relaxed person.
I believe: that my life has purpose.
I dance: in the car when I hear that one groovy song.
I sing: lullabies to my kids before bed.

I don't always: remember to charge my cell phone.
I fight: to get my daughter ready for the day.
I write: this blog because it keeps the creative juices flowing.
I lose: my mind over the constant questions from my four year old.
I win: at bowling if I play my husband.

I never: stay awake while watching: Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
I listen: to Big Band and Swing music when I am working on my graphic design.

I am scared: that my kids will grow up too fast.
I need: to have a weekend away with just my husband.
I read: historical novels, French lifestyle books, and magazines … lots and lots of magazines!

I am happy about: the existence of YouTube, Tivo and Netflix. With them I never have to watch anything in real time.


Journeying Five said...

I:______love this blog and understand the desire for friendship and cappuccino although my true craving would be an extra hot chai latte, i will always take a cappuccino. I hear the dogs and kids and bed time and mommy duties, and in the middle of it all God is in control. But I would trade the Land Rover for a Toyota Sienna...the practical side of me.

PeePaw said...

Wow! I don't think you repeat an "I _________ " during that whole list. That is impressive.

If I could add one? I am the luckiest father in the world because I have three beautiful daughters, two wonderful grand babies, a fantastic son-in-law.

Kelly said...

When exploring other people's blogs I will sometimes come across fun lists like this. It will be interesting to look back on what I have said, years from now. Who knows, maybe I'll already have had that Land Rover!

Dad, you are so sweet ... thank you! I am so blessed to have a great father like you.

heather said...

I really like Land Rovers too! This is a fun list.