Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Tinker Fairy Pictorial

Alright! I have been excited to do this post for some time now and the time is here. Halloween pictures! Now you may be thinking "But it's not Halloween yet"'. You're right - but we take Halloween costumes seriously in our household. We take our growth in photography skills seriously too.

This year I made most of my daughter's Tinkerbell costume. I started with a sketch; then I made the dress, painted ballet slippers green and added pompoms, and even converted a Hannah Montana wig into Tinkerbell hair! How could I not take a ton of photos to display my handy work?
This is my sketch. Of course my daughter isn't as curvy as the real Tinkerbell, but you get the idea.

While featuring this year's costume for my daughter, I thought I would post some from the past few years. I like seeing how our photography skills have developed and how much our little girl has grown. We haven't taken Halloween portraits of our son yet because he has had the stomach flu, so be watching for those in a later post!

I like how this photo features the whole costume.

A curious Tinker Fairy.

Watch out! Tinkerbell is mad. I actually didn't have to do much to this photo because of a cool new trick my husband used to give it that dreamy look.

My daughter has always been a ham!

2007: 3 year-old Snow White.

2006: 2 year-old Cinderella.

2005: 17 month-old Princess Leia. Yes, I helped a little with the pink light saber!

2004: 5 month-old lamb. Love those cheeks!

As you can tell we have a lot of fun taking these! Thank you for humoring me.


Zil said...

Fun to see how Tink's costume turned out - very well! You are a talented costume designer and maker! It is fun to see the past history of her costumes. The photographic technique is amazing - using a macro lens?

Looking forward to seeing what the young man will be attired in. Friday night should be very exciting in your neighborhood!

heather said...

Adorable! Good for you-on both the costumes and the photos!

Kelly said...

It was a fun shoot and I really enjoyed making the costume. My daughter wanted to add the sparkles (or "Pixie Dust") to the dress.

The boy is still a bit under the weather, so we'll have to wait until he is in a better mood to be photogenic!

PeePaw said...

Seeing your daughter in makeup is terrifying to me. It gives me a glance at what she will look like in 10 or 15 years. Oh My! She is and I am sure she will be very beautiful.