Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enchanting Pumpkins

With Halloween coming up in less than a week, I am aware of how much I haven't done yet to prepare. Yes we have our pumpkins, but I haven't even considered what to do with them. Some years we carve them and some years we are too lazy. Since I have my daughter's costume made and my son's costume purchased, I am looking for great carving ideas.

I am looking for something a little different from my norm: which is very simple shapes to form a not-so-scary face. I am looking for something clever but not too difficult. My fruitful search resulted in these:

The Midnight Hour: Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage

Haunted Abodes: Oddly shaped pumpkin houses

Aren't they amazing? You can see more ideas at the Hallmark Magazine website. Of course the staging and photography makes them look even more enchanting. I am thinking a little village of pumpkin houses would be amazing on my front walk.

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Jeanee said...

We @ Hallmark blogged you on our blog for blogging our pumpkin. THANKS!