Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Believe Me, It Was A Bear!

Yesterday was a bear of a day. In fact, I think my daughter said it best at 8:45 am as we were rushing off to school, "Mom, this is a bad day". As she said that my mind went back over the last hour or so of the morning, it was a bad day because of one little lie.

When I got my kids up for the day, my daughter said that she had a headache and an earache. Knowing that her ear had been bothering her for the last couple of days, I didn't question it, but thought she should get dressed and eat breakfast and then we would see how she was feeling. I told her that if her ear was hurting I would give her ear drops to soothe the pain. Well she hates the drops and changed her story. Suddenly her ear was fine but her head still hurt. She then asked if she could watch a movie to which I said no. She told me that it would make her feel better. Again I said no. Realizing that she wasn't going to lay on the couch all day watching TV she told me that she was just joking about being sick. What?????!!! I was NOT cool with that!

Her little "joke" resulted in a frustrated call to Daddy, reprimand, and being considerably late for school. Not to mention a very cranky mother and a day that spiraled into chaos. She's a good girl and rarely is punished, but she needed correction at a time like this. After calming down from my initial anger, I calmly dealt with her and she knew that lying has certain consequences. She was truly sorry, but starting the day like that really affected me for the rest of the day.

I knew that as a parent I would be faced with such things. But now I really identify with the saying "This will hurt me a lot more than it hurts you."

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