Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hunt Is On

This woman is funny. She is quick witted, smart, delightful, and happens to have a new talk show that I am actually willing to watch. I have always liked Bonnie Hunt. She usually plays the best friend, the sister, or the mother role in her movies, but I have never actually seen her as herself.

I don't like talk shows. I find The View to be catty, Ellen obviously has an agenda, and Oprah is too New Age for my taste. And don't even get me started on Rosie O'Donnell! But The Bonnie Hunt Show is just a talk show. She talks to people, usually celebrities, and has an ability to make anyone comfortable. She modeled her set after Dean Martin's show in the 1950s and has a fireman's pole for her guests to make a real entrance if the choose to. Today I saw David Archuleta slide down the pole and I was quite surprised to see such a shy young man take such a risk!

Ever since seeing Bonnie in one of my favorite movies, Only You, I have liked her. I think she is beautiful, genuine and it's pretty cool that she still seeks the advice of her mom (who is often a guest on her show). So, even if you don't watch much television during the day like me, it is worth it to tune into her show once in a while for a good laugh.

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