Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just Another Manic Morning

Having a child in preschool has really changed my life. I have to be more organized about getting everyone out the door in the morning; I start to get very excited over the thought of watching my baby in the upcoming Christmas program; and I volunteer to help out in the classroom from time to time. But nothing quite prepared me for the chaos that takes place when I take my daughter to school!

The preschool is run at a local church in my community and is located in a residential street. It is a very nice facility with good sized classrooms and a fun playground. But the parking lot is like Hades on a busy day. The parking spaces are very narrow, which wouldn't be a problem except everyone in this town drives an SUV, truck, or a behemoth-mobile of some sort (myself included, I drive a Honda Pilot). NOBODY knows how to park in these spaces! Most people just straddle the line, making it impossible for anyone else to park. And while this is a "Christian" preschool, some of the bumper stickers that grace these vehicles are not very "clean" in their message.

Then there are the cell phones. I never thought of my town as being tech-savvy, but everyone has a cell phone. And fellow parents like to use them ... a lot. I am amazed at while shuttling their children off to class, people can carry on complete conversations about "that guy Mindy is seeing on Friday night" or about "preparing for hernia surgery next week". Unfortunately this constant use of cell phones does not help in the challenges of trying to navigate through that parking lot, especially one-handed.

I am used to a slower pace and a more relaxed approach to things. And though I am still adapting, I have survived the last few months of getting my daughter to school. On a slightly different subject, I feel that I am raising a diva. Occasionally on the way home from school I will drive up to the Human Bean for a coffee, and when we pull up my girl will say "I would like a 'Not-So-Hot Hot Chocolate' with whipped cream and a bean"! Now that's a girl who knows what she wants!


heather said...

I love her not so hot hot chocolate order-that is adorable!

PeePaw said...

If you want small parking places you need to go to Boulder, Colorado. You don't have to worry about door dings because once you are parked you can't open your door! Motorcycles have space issues in Boulders parking lots.

Pretty soon E will be ordering black coffee like her PeePaw! said...

The parking lot and phone thing absolutely drive me CRAZY! Hang up and DRIVE! I tend to park further away, just so I have space, because as you know, I drive a tank!