Friday, November 21, 2008

A Day of Thanks

With Thanksgiving coming up in less than a week I can feel myself starting to get excited and almost revert back to being 10 again. I love this holiday. I love the feeling of home, being with family, and of course the food! I also love that the Christmas season starts the day after and no one can stop me from playing Christmas music and getting the house ready to decorate. And even though all of these things are wonderful, I think I should focus on what Thanksgiving is all about, giving thanks.

Here are a few things I am grateful for, big and small, and in no particular order ...

The hot cup of tea I can enjoy whenever I want.

My husband. My rock. My best friend. I don't know what I would do without you. You have seen me at my worst and taken care of me in sickness and in health. You care about your family and live your life with integrity; something I admire very much. The Lord truly blessed me with you.

Our home that keeps us warm, dry, safe, comfortable, and for the jetted tub that sooths my aching muscles.

Facebook. It has helped me to connect with those that I have lost contact with over the years. It's a great place to see how friends are doing and how much their families are growing.

My mom, who is my friend and my confidant. Not only have you given me life, but you have given me stability, safety, guidance, a shoulder to cry on, friendship and most of all your love. You are compassionate and nurturing, and you have taught me the importance of family and faith.

Digital cameras. We take so many photos in our family now that we don't have to wait until film is developed to see if there are any worth keeping. Correcting red eye and cropping is so much easier in a digital format too.

My dad. I have so many good memories of you from you taking me to see The Return of the Jedi in the theater, to teaching me how to ride a bike, to hopping on the earliest flight you could get to come meet your newborn grandchildren. You have such a big heart and love your family with all your might, and you have taught me about patience and hard work.

My sisters. Whom I both love so much through all of the ups and downs. I am grateful for both of you and pray for a close and lasting friendship amongst the three of us. I think of you often and have so many fun memories of growing up together.

My creativity is something I value so much. It keeps me striving to learn, to try, and to do. I may not be good at everything, but I know that I am good at some things and I love the feeling of excitement when I complete a project I am really proud of.

My babies. I can't remember what life was like before I had my kids ... quieter definitely. I am thankful for your sweet dispositions, your eagerness to learn, your blue eyes, your heart-melting smiles, and your infectious laughter. I am so grateful to be your mother. You have truly changed my life - for the better.

Gracie and Rangi. I am thankful for Gracie whom we have had for the last nine years. She really is a good dog and companion. And for Rangi who loves nothing more than to sit on my chest and purr; I'm glad she is a part of my life.

Being an adult is great. Sure there are a lot more things to stress about, and while being a kid has its perks, I love that I can stay up late and eat ice cream for dinner if I want to.

Friends are a blessing. Friends are family that we choose for ourselves. I am thankful for all of the friends I have had over the years. For the good times and bad. For the support. And for the laughter and tears.

My blog. I was inspired to write a blog after reading my friend's post on a lost loved one. I saw it as a great way to not only update friends and family on the happenings in Kellyland, but I have found that it is really an outlet for my expression. I have discovered that I like to write, and I am much better at getting my words down on paper (or in this case the computer) than I am verbalizing my thoughts. Thank you Heather for being an inspiration!

My In-Laws. I don't really like to refer to my husband's family as in-laws, because to me they are my family too. You have welcomed me with open arms, and have shown me so much kindness and generosity over the last ten years. I don't feel like your daughter-in-law or sister-in-law, but just your daughter and sister. Thank you all for your love.

Christmas lights. Cashmere. Fig candles. Chocolate. Music. Each a delight to my senses.

My Lord and Savior. I made commitment to follow You twenty years ago. It was a November day, I was twelve years old and in a very troubling time in my life. I know that without You guiding me and shaping me into the person I am today, I would be very different. I would be bitter. I wouldn't have the amazing life that I do now. You saved me that day as You did when You died on the cross for me. Thank you Jesus.

All of the things I am grateful for are too numerous to count; this is just the tip of the iceberg - but all are very important to me. I am truly thankful.


heather said...

That was nice to read.

Zil said...

What a sweet post! Thank you, I am very grateful for you as my daughter and friend.

...Umm, why am I between facebook and digital cameras?

: )

Journeying Five said...

i am thankful you shared your thankfulness...

PeePaw said...

I think everyone should sit down and write out what they are thankful for. I believe most of us would find many more positives in our lives than we thought. As humans most of us dwell on the bad things in our life. You have inspired me to begin writing my own list. Thank You!