Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Red, White and Blue - But Around Here It's Mostly White

This is what it looked like in my neck of the woods on Election Day. Oh, where has Fall gone?

Boy am I glad this day is here - the day when America votes. I may sound very patriotic by this statement - and while I do care about our nation and it's future - I am mostly glad this day is here because now there will be no more annoying political ads. No more opinionated e-mails filling my inbox from people telling me how I should vote. And no more 24 hour news coverage of the election. McCain, Obama, Obama, McCain ... I will be glad when it all dies down.

I live in Oregon and here we mail in (or drop off) our ballots; so I voted days ago. I like the convenience of voting from my own home even though it appears more patriotic to go to the polls and stand in line to vote like most of the country. But what can I say, I like that I don't have to pump my own gas too. It was actually a good thing that I already voted because when I woke up this morning, the town was blanketed with an inch of snow; this would not have been a motivating factor to get me stand to in line outside to vote (although I would have done it if necessary).

This is my front walk ... and what is left of October.

So while the snow is beautiful (and not entirely welcome as I am not yet ready to let go of Fall), I would like to look at it as symbolizing a new beginning for our country. I hope the Lord will give America a clean slate ... and that whomever ends up running this hurting nation will help to make it great again.

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PeePaw said...

WOW! Snow! We haven't seen even one flake yet. Sunday was a record high 78 degrees.

I agree with you. I voted and I hope that whoever wins can right the direction of this country and make it the great nation that the rest of the world looked up to.