Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to Kelly's Ashland

If you ever find yourself in Southern Oregon it is a must to go to Ashland. There are so many unique shops and quaint eateries in this small town that you never get bored. Here are some suggestions I have based on my experiences.

Mix Sweet Shop

We just discovered Mix and it is fantastic. Located on the Plaza it is a tiny brick-walled shop that serves mainly pastries and baked goods. I didn't have the coffee while I was there, but I heard that it is excellent. What I'd say I liked the most were little French baguette sandwiches with ham and thyme butter. They were the perfect size and left room for the desserts we enjoyed afterward. I can say from experience that the coconut torte is phenomenal and the bite I had of my husband's cream puff was delicious!

Fabric of Vision

My husband of course didn't care for this store, but so what! If you work with fabric and are looking for a selection of stunning material, Fabric of Vision is the store for you. On a side note ... I LOVE their logo!

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

Not only does this store have quite the selection of vintage books and Shakespeare plays, but it is a great place to find random curios and antiques. Even though it is located on Main Street, it is hard to find because the entrance is in an alley. We always make a point to head in when we are in town because of all of the interesting finds we've made.

Here are some things we found on our last trip into Shakespeare & Co. They had record albums for $2 each and I love the tea caddy and antique soap dish. My husband was glad to find the Dune sequels he had been looking for.


I have mentioned this shop before. It is my favorite; and unfortunately it was closed this last weekend because the owners were out gathering new goodies to sell for the Christmas season. Yeah, I was pretty bummed. Still, if you are in Ashland you should make a point to stop in at Prize. It is described as a "Modern General Store" and carries all sorts of treasures.

Wiley's World

And finally I will mention a restaurant that I think has great food and a quirky atmosphere. Wiley's World Pasta Shoppe & Eatery offers homemade organic pastas, colorful salads, fresh herb bread, and what I would describe as miraculous mocha cheesecake. Space is limited and it does feel a bit cramped, but I think the food and experience make up for it.

So there you have it, a personal tour of Ashland by yours truly. Of course these are just suggestions, I think it's important to discover your own treasured hot spots and make your own memories.

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