Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Getting away with just my husband is such a treat because it doesn't happen very often, so it makes it all the more special. This last weekend we had this opportunity, thanks to Meemaw and Boppa who took care of our little ones. We celebrated nine years of being married; our real anniversary was in September but this was the first opportunity to get away. Knowing our kids were in good hands we headed over to Ashland, Oregon for a weekend of quiet, relaxation, and not having to change any poopy diapers.

This was the second time we stayed at the Ashland Mountain House Bed & Breakfast. I recommend this place to anyone who likes good food, a comfortable room, and a beautiful country setting. Trust me you will be spoiled! This inn was once a stagecoach stop and is the oldest building in Southern Oregon. The house has an old fashioned feel as it is filled with antiques and preserved original craftsmanship, and with modern amenities you are staying in true luxury.

The Setting
Located on several acres, there are views of mountains, valleys, and the grounds are well tended with lovely flower gardens and tall trees. It takes only 10 minutes to get to downtown Ashland, but it feels like you are miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Here I am going into the Ashland Mountain House. Isn't it quaint? ... Okay I am totally kidding! I actually don't know what this little shack was all about. It looked like an outhouse!

The owner of the inn took this photo of us. The yellow color of the house is so welcoming and cheerful.

This is Bert - quite possibly THE ugliest thing I have ever seen. I am also completely fascinated by him. Whenever the rooster would crow, Bert would gobble. There are also egg laying chickens and a Jack Russell Terrier named Teddy on the premises.

The Room

We stayed in the Russell Room which felt like a small apartment and was located above the kitchen. It had a separate entrance, two beds, comfy leather armchairs, and a mini-fridge which came in handy when we brought food back to the room. Perhaps next year we will try the Brick House which is a separate building and very private.

The Food

When you have breakfast at the Ashland Mountain House, you will want to bring a big appetite! Everything was amazing, decadent, and beautifully presented. Some of the things we enjoyed were fruit and yogurt parfaits with apples and Asian pears, cornmeal waffles with blackberries picked from the property, local pears with bleu cheese, scrambles eggs from their chickens, and sausages. The coffee was excellent, and one night they even had a pear torte as a special treat.

The Hospitality

The couple who owns the inn are so nice and seem to really enjoy what they do. John showed us to our room, served us breakfast, and has great ideas for where to eat and what to do in Ashland. Kathy prepared the food and decorated the house down to tiniest detail. She has done such a great job with the house that it's a little depressing to come home to my undecorated walls ... but I always leave there feeling inspired.

A few details from our stay.

In conclusion, if you have the opportunity and the funds to get away to Hawaii, go there. But if you are looking for something less expensive, relaxing, charming and are in the Southern Oregon area, consider the Ashland Mountain House ... it is worth it!


carole said...

Hello! I'm visiting via Heather's blog (becoming). We just had a weekend getaway for our Sept. anniversary as well! Looks like you had a lovely time.

heather said...

Wow! Looks like a great weekend away. So glad you two were able to do that.

Oh, and "hi Carole" =)

Kelly said...

Hi Carole. I'm glad you got a weekend away! I hope you did something really fun and have great memories of the trip.

Thank you Heather! I hope you and M have the chance to get away once and a while :)

heather said...

M and I don't get away as often as we would like, but we were blessed by being able to go to D.C. this last Spring-M had a business trip there so he extended his stay and it was an anniversary trip for us too.
I will always treasure that trip! It was wonderful, both in having the time together and in having the opportunity to see so many important and historic sights. The one bummer is that of all the photos we took we didn't get even one of the two of us together! Of course I didn't realize that until we were home. =)

PeePaw said...

I am glad that the two of yu got away for the weekend. It is special to be alone particularly when you know that the little ones are well cared for.