Monday, December 29, 2008


Ahh, kids. They really do say the funniest things. My daughter talks a lot and had some interesting comments:
"Ooh, I need something special!"
"Is it a WALL-E movie?" This was referring to a present under the tree on Christmas Eve. She mischievously smiled as her eyebrows went up and down.
"I'm getting ready Mom. Yeah, I don't need a scarf anyway because I'm nice and toasty in the car." Apparently she doesn't really like the scarf I made and insisted she didn't need it as we were heading out the door.
"I've never been to Bethlehem before." Well, that's true!

My son, who is not yet two years old, does not quite have the verbal skills that my daughter does. He still had a few things to say on Christmas:
I asked him "What did Santa bring you?" and he said "Cars!" It's true, there were so many Hot Wheels this year.
When opening presents, he would either say "Trucks!" (sounds like 'tucks') or "Whoa!"
After picking up a Hot Wheel car, he sniffed it and yelled "Trucks!" He LOVES anything with wheels, and apparently they smell good too.
I love having children, life is never boring!

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