Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Possibilities Are Endless

It has been a few weeks that I have been knitting now. There are a few things that I have learned:

First of all, a scarf knitted entirely in the stockinette stitch is not a good idea - unless it is knitted in the round like a tube - because it seriously curls on the sides! I made that green and red scarf for my daughter and even blocking it didn't help keep it straight! However, all is not lost because I think I can sew some fleece to the back of it and that may straighten it out. Besides, it was a practice scarf (with a few oopsies) and done in 100% acrylic so I wasn't expecting any awards on that one!

Knowing how to purl and knit has allowed me to experiment with different patterns like the rib stitch and my latest favorite: the basket weave! I am currently working on a scarf for me that is turning out quite beautiful if I do say so myself.

This scarf is still in progress, but it is looking really good. It is entirely done in a basket weave pattern which isn't as daunting as I thought it would be. It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I will put fringe on the ends when finished.

Another thing I have learned is that I am a bit of a yarn snob. I have tons of yarn that I bought from Wal-Mart that is great for practicing on or making a quick scarf for me. But I LOVE to work with 100% merino wool when making gifts. It is so soft and the natural fibers are more pleasant to knit with. The downside is that it is more expensive, you have to hand wash it, and there is less on a skein so you have to buy more. But I still think it is worth it!

This merino wool yarn is made in Italy and I bought it at my local yarn shop. I love it because it is striated with gorgeous shades of vermilion, scarlet, maroon, periwinkle, heather gray, and peacock blue. I can hardly wait to start wearing the scarf when it's finished!

What am I going to work on next? The possibilities are endless! I think I would like to learn how to knit socks. Or create my own Fair Isle pattern .. Or a soft blanket ... Or a toasty beret .... Or a cable knit sweater ................


Journeying Five said...

i made a scarf for my husband last year in complete stockinette stitch and it curled too...he never wore it, but my 4 yr old doesn't have as discerning taste and wears it i am 1/2 way through a scarf with k2p2 and it is working out great using noro kureyon.

Kelly said...

Ooh, I bet the scarf is looking great. That yarn is gorgeous! I really like using wool yarn because it is so nice to work with.