Monday, January 12, 2009

HGTV, Eat Your Heart Out

There is one room in the house that I have been neglecting. The Powder Room. I really should not neglect it so much because guests use that room and while I want it to be welcoming and ... um...comfortable, I just have never given it much thought other than keeping it clean.

Other rooms have had the benefit of my interest, creative eye, and love for color and textures. The Powder Room has seriously suffered. Plain cream walls, no window, and arbitrarily placed accessories has made this space BORING! So it is time for a change.

Fortunately my husband was receptive to my sudden urge to give this bathroom a little TLC. I explained my ideas to him and then we headed down to the local Home Depot.

Before: plain cream walls and ceiling, strangely placed towel bar, and high ceiling with awkward lighting.

And through the magic of Photoshop (not to mention my somewhat brilliant abilities - if I do say so myself) I have been able to transform that little room into something warmer, inspiring, and may even make you want to "relax" a little more, if you know what I mean.

The Concept: wide vertical stripes and whole ceiling in "Gobi Desert" by Behr Paint, dentil crown molding with an antiqued natural finish about 15" down from ceiling with illuminating rope lighting to create a glow.

We are still relocating fixtures and picking out wall hangings, but I have a feeling it will all fall into place when we are finished with the painting. I will post photos of the finished product when finished but until then, can't you just see the transformation?


Towanda said...

I CAN see the transformation and I like it!

Zil said...

Hopefully the towel rack will get a new location!

Kelly said...

Yes! We have already removed the towel rack and don't intend to put it back in there - it was in such a dumb place.

heather said...

looks great!

Anna said...

I can't believe you did this on photoshop! It looks so much like the actual finished product!

Nice job!