Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Call Me a Seismologist

Some may remember the Nisquilly Earthquake that occurred in Seattle back in 2001. I felt that one all the way down in Corvallis, Oregon and will never forget that sensation. To me it felt like a deep roll far below where I was sitting. Well the weirdest thing happened yesterday: I felt something similar. I was sitting at my desk at about a quarter of 5:00 pm and I suddenly felt what seemed like a roll deep in the earth. Nothing shook violently or anything like that, but it threw my equilibrium off and I felt a little woozy for about a half hour afterward. I thought to myself "This feels like seismic activity of some sort" then continued with my work.

I told my husband about what I felt and he thought that was very interesting. He asked me what time I felt it and I said it was probably around 4:45 that afternoon. So, out of curiosity he thought did a little research on recent earthquakes. As it turns out, I wasn't imagining it! According to this website, there was a Magnitude 3.3 earthquake in Southern California at 4:47:40!

I don't know why I happened to feel it from my house in Southern Oregon. I have always been very sensitive. I must be a phenomenon! I'm pretty sure scientists are going to want to do a study on me now. Oh, wait, I'm sure it would have been more impressive if I actually predicted the earthquake before it happened ... so ... never mind. I'm guess not that special after all. Just sensitive.


Karen said...

Oh I definately remember the 2001 earthquake!!! Ashley had surgery in Portland that morning. That was my first and only earthquake I've been in. I'll never forget the feeling. What was really funny, was one of the nurses LOVES earthquakes and he happened to be coming back up to the floor in the elevator during the earthquake and didn't feel a THING. He was bummed. I was flippin' scared! What was reassuring was that the hospital is likely the safest building structurally in Portland.

Zil said...

I'd rather call you a seismologist than a scientologist.