Thursday, January 1, 2009

... Years Ago ...

20 years ago...
1. I was just about to turn 13
2. I was went to Highland View Middle School
3. I was into Debbie Gibson, tiered skirts, and flamingos for all of my bedroom decor

10 years ago ...
1. I was attending Oregon State University
2. I was dating the man that would soon become my husband
3. I was still driving my 1986 Honda Accord that I got in high school

5 years ago...
1. I was working as a graphic designer for a roofing material company
2. I was pregnant with my first born, my daughter
3. I was driving a 1999 Toyota Camry ... but looking for something bigger!

3 years ago...
1. I was living in a tiny rental house and slowly going out of my mind with cabin fever
2. I was chasing after a 1 1/2 year old girl
3. I was driving a 1995 Toyota 4Runner with 4WD

1 year ago...
1. I traveled to Colorado for my dad's retirement
2. I started exercising on an almost regular basis
3. I was driving a 2003 Honda Pilot with AWD

This year so far...(it's only January 1st, so there's not too much to tell!)
1. I did some laundry
2. I gave words of encouragement to my son
3. I had dinner at our friends' house

1. I made cookies with my daughter
2. I blogged about my latest knitting project
3. I stayed up late watching a Michael Moore documentary ... don't ask me why!

1. I did laundry (we have lots of dirty laundry around here!)
2. I watched the movie The Family Stone
3. I allowed Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin to annoy me into the new year

1. I will prepare for a visit with my mom and sister
2. I will probably do more laundry
3. I will remember to bring along the Cars movie for our travels

Next year...
1. The Lord only knows what I will do
2. The Lord only knows where I will go
3. I will turn 34

Happy New Year!


Jodiferkay said...

I really enjoyed reading this and admit, I stole your idea for our blog. Please forgive me for plagarizing?! :)

Christine said...

Oh how I remember the obsession with flamingos! That totally takes me back in time!!

I saw that you left a comment on Karen's blog and I followed it to your what have I been doing today??? Spending several hours reading up on all of your old blog entries to see what you have been up to. I love your totally conveys your personality!! I am going to be an avid follower!

By the way...I must admit that I actually enjoy (gasp!) listening to Harry Chapin nowadays! What happened to me??!!??

Kelly said...

Jodi - I totally don't mind you using this idea because ... I got it from another blog! Yeah, I am not that inventive. Sometimes I can't think of much to say and these lists get me thinking. I am totally going to look at your blog now to see what you put!

Christine - it is great to see you! Yes, I did have a love for flamingos but I can say that my decorating tastes have matured a little bit since those days.

Thank you for adding me to your blog list. I had looked at your blog too and got caught up until it said "private blog". It looks like there are some new entries there that I plan to read. Look for comments!

Your kids are adorable and really growing up. Saylor looks like you did when you were younger!

And about the whole Harry Chapin thing: I lost all hope in you when you moved away and started listening to (gulp!) COUNTRY music!!! :)