Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Magic is Gone

Me: 4 months old
Well, today is my birthday. I am 33 years old - physically I feel like I'm 90 but mentally I feel about 25. It's been a good day and I have enjoyed spending it with family. However, I do believe that the magic of having a birthday is gone as I have grown older. It just feels like any other day but with some really nice gifts and birthday wishes.
This year I will leave everyone with a gift from me. A gift of cuteness!

This pic is a bit blurry, but for some reason it is one of my favorites. I am guessing I was about a year.

I see my kids faces in this picture. I was probably about 3.

Proof that I was cute at times.

This photo was taken on my 5th birthday and my younger sister was weeks away from being born. Some of my readers may recognize themselves in this shot. I was the blinking one in the front with the scab on my nose ... NICE!

Notice I didn't post any photos from my middle school days? Yeah, that was done on purpose!!


Christine said...

Wow...those are some ADORABLE kids in that picture of your 5th birthday party! Gotta love the "bowl" haircuts that we have!

And the picture of you at 4 months...I remember that hanging in the hallway of your house next to the ones of your sisters. Right next to the silouettes that you had done at Disneyland. Aaahhh...memories!

Happy Birthday! 33!?!?! Wow...I still remember when we were little like it was yesterday! And now my daughter is older than we were when we first met!

Kelly said...

It's funny, I think your sister was the only one who wasn't making some wierd face in that photo! I remember I had tripped while getting out of the car the night before and I landed on my face, hence the scab.

I was about my daughter's age when we moved across the street from you. I remember playing in my front yard and I could see a group of kids playing in your front yard. My mom encouraged me to say hi. So I did and the rest is history!

Karen said...

I would have to say that I'm about the only cute one in the picture! Laurel looks pretty good too! And we don't have "bowl" haircuts either! Who are the rest of the kids?

I've been looking for a picture that was taken in my parent's backyard (I think) and it has about 10 kids all from the neighborhood. Thanks for posting this one!

PeePaw said...

Well, Well ... My beautiful 33 year old daughter was also beautiful at 2, 3 15, 20 and all years in between.

These pictures really bring back memories!