Monday, January 5, 2009

Kelly's 2009 To-Do List

I just realized that I have been a blogger for six months! Yup, I started this thing on July 1st and wasn't sure how it was going to go to be perfectly honest. I mean who wants to read all of the silly stuff that I have to say? A few people I guess!

I have enjoyed the journey into the blog world. I am inspired by other blogs. I love to read up on how friends are doing. And I love to fuss around with the graphics on my page. I admit that my favorite is my ever changing "Kelly blog paper doll"; changing her clothes and expression is a complete waste of time and a lot of fun to do.

And now as it is the new year I am thinking about starting fresh and setting goals. Now I am not going to list my resolutions because I don't make them. The way I see it is that it just sets me up for failure ... and then I'll read about my failures because I listed them ... and then I'll feel bad that I failed. I will, however, post a to-do list that I can actually do (I was inspired by the "Reality Check" page in Real Simple Magazine).

Kelly's Totally Accomplishable To-Do List:
  • Wake up and immediately grumble something about coffee.
  • Do everything in my power to avoid blow-drying my hair .
  • Check my e-mail, Facebook and blog at least 15 times a day.
  • Call my son "Mr. Handsome" and my daughter "Bear" at least once.
  • Procrastinate cleaning the kitchen, but eventually get to it.
  • Make some snarky remark about the ridiculously slow driver in front of me.
  • Find the only source of chocolate in the house and deplete it.
  • Forget to charge my cell phone.
  • Wish I was sipping mineral water at a Paris cafe while gnawing on a baguette sandwich.
  • Put off doing actual work or anything business related.
  • Stare at my cluttered office and think I should organize it, then go check my Facebook.
  • Try not to get sucked in to a rerun of CSI.
  • Try to solve the crime on CSI.
  • Plan to go to the gym after husband gets home.
  • Get too involved in something at home to go to the gym ... completely by accident of course!
  • Sip a little glass of wine while making dinner.
  • Listen to daughter complain that she doesn't like dinner.
  • Put kids to bed and give them lots of kisses.
  • Decide whether to knit or read until bed.
  • Forget to wash my face before bed.
  • Try to name all 50 of the state capitals when I can't get to sleep.

See, I know I can look back on this list that I posted and feel really good about my accomplishments!

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