Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Fodder

There are so many interesting (to me, anyway) and funny things to write about, it's hard to narrow it down to only a few.

Here is the first Blog Fodder of the year:

Mmmmm, Giada!

My son, who will be two years old in March has a crush on Giada de Laurentiis from the Food Network. There have been at least three occasions where if her show is on, his eyes will be glued to the television! I am not entirely sure if he is fascinated by the food she is making or he's just looking at her because she is so pretty, but it makes me a little nervous that my son is already developing crushes on girls. It makes me even more nervous that he is an expert at flirting ... I can't take him anywhere without him charming the ladies!

Airing Out My Subway

You know how Subway Sandwich Shops advertise as being a healthy alternative to fast food and that you can lose weight on the Subway diet? Well it's true, you can lose weight by going into one of their shops and you don't even have to order a thing because ... IT STINKS! I don't know what it is exactly that I am smelling when I go into a Subway, but it isn't the smell of freshly baked bread. The other day my family stopped into a shop to get some dinner when we were traveling and the smell is almost unbearable. To make matters worse, my hair and my clothes smelled like it the entire way home. I am airing out my sweater right now!

Four-Eyed Princess

How do you get a four year-old to wear her glasses? Make a pair for her favorite doll of course! For Christmas we got our daughter an Aurora Sleeping Beauty doll that sings, and she goes everywhere our daughter does. We have been having some trouble with trying to get our girl to wear her glasses because kids have been telling her they like her better without them. Thanks, that is so helpful! Anyway, my husband in his great brilliance fashioned a pair of wire glasses for Aurora and that has done the trick so far. Now there are two four-eyed princesses in our house.

Oh, The Things They Say

My daughter recently informed me that she is the boss of her Aurora doll. In fact, the exact quote is "I'm the boss of my baby. Yeah, sometimes she does bad things. I have to keep my eye on her!"

The last day of December I was talking to my daughter about it being the last day of the year and that the next day would be the first day of January and of 2009. I then asked her if she knew what the 4th (my birthday) was and what was special about it. She replied with great excitement and jumping up and down "Barack Obama!? The new president of the world?" Uh, okay! She was about 16 days off for his inauguration, but I was impressed by her knowledge of current events.


PeePaw said...

I love Barbie's glasses. So does your little sis.

Kelly said...

Dad, that is NOT Barbie! That's an Aurora Sleeping Beauty doll! I just know E would correct you if you called her "Barbie".

Yeah, Lens Crafters has nothing on T. He should be an eyewear designer.