Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At Last

I once lived in a town where the shopping possibilities were nearly endless. I once lived in a town where the Saturday Market was like a big, weird party located in the center of town. I once lived in Eugene, Oregon. Oh how I miss Eugene. Now I live in a town where our only department store has gone bankrupt; where everything closes at 5:00 pm; and where, up until this last Sunday, the only craft store was a JoAnn Fabric & Crafts.
That's right ... we now have ... (drum roll please) ... a Michael's Crafts! It's about stinking time! Now I might have a new hangout, a place to find solace, a place where I can go that doesn't close too early. Yesterday I took my kids there because it had just opened. My daughter immediately started going NUTS! Before I knew it she was pulling stickers off the shelves and filling the cart - whoa there little lady, I'm not spending $4.99 on Martha Stewart heart shaped stickers if I can get them for $1.99 two isles away! She wanted to do a "project" really bad so we decided that she could work on a scrapbook page. Satisfied with some Jolee's vellum stickers, we continued throughout the store.
Immediately the creativity started to flow for me. But I will have to go back, without the kids, to truly appreciate the store in all of its splendor.
The scrapbook page my daughter worked on ended up like this:

Really she just likes to put stickers on, well ... everything. But she did choose the background and the photo. I then let her have free reign over where to put the sparkle stickers. As you can see she likes to load them up in one spot!

While we are on the subject, here are some other pages she has done:

Halloween - Snow White

Halloween - Tinkerbell

Thanks to Michael's, the scrapbook store and a daughter who loves to work on projects, I can now get some scrapbook pages done with little involvement on my part. Just buy some stickers, some fun paper and let my girl go to town. Now THAT'S my kind of scrapbooking!


PeePaw said...

E is taking after her Mom, I can see it already!

Anna said...

Does she looooove being Tinkerbell and Snow White? My girls would never stop looking at the pictures of themselves if I did that.

How DID you do that, by the way?