Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Very Hairowing Experience

It took a long time to get here. Months of neglect, moments of absolute frustration, many thoughts of Sinead O'Connor came to mind. But I finally got my hair cut!

I have whined about it for quite some time. I never intended my hair to get as long as it did and the split ends and boring style didn't help my mood. I couldn't wait to get the hair off the back of my neck! It may sound strange, but I almost equate my stress level with the length of my hair and as my hair grew longer, my stress level went higher, perhaps because it made me feel claustrophobic.

So, yesterday I got to the salon. I waited as patiently as possible on the leather couch, trying to act casual as I flipped through an old copy of Entertainment magazine. I would nonchalantly glance around the room at all the perfectly coiffed ladies. My time was near. Just had to wait a few minutes. Wait, wasn't my appointment for 2:00? What's taking so long? Don't they know that I'm ready? Let's do this alrea ... okay my name was finally called. Whew!

My hair stylist said she was excited to see what I came up with this time because I'm always well prepared with photos. After I showed her my inspiration she wholeheartedly approved! She assured me that since I have an oval face I could pull off anything. I could feel the tension leave my shoulders as she washed my hair. And I watched her as she took the first cuts into my mane and I did look in shock at the pile of long locks on the floor, but nothing deterred me from getting the cut that I wanted. I really have no attachment to long hair.

I am happy with my new 'do. I may even go a little shorter next time, but I am glad to have a change. Something more edgy and fun. Plus I finally have some lift at the crown!

This was my hair inspiration. A little shorter than what I have but basically the same cut. Ironically, I had found a photo of the same person (Jayla from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 5) with a slightly longer cut:
Of the two I think my style is more like this second photo.
And now the big reveal:

Ta daaaaaaa!

Now I just need to go on a shopping spree to an entirely new wardrobe to match my new look. Yeah right ... in my dreams!


heather said...

Looks great!!!!! I love it!

I can relate to the hair issues. I finally have a hair appointment scheduled for this Saturday. My regular hair girl has taken a year off and the man (my temporary hair person) I went to back home did a fine job, but not fabulous. So I came all the way out here dreading having to find a hair person. But, i have a referral to a girl that has cut the hair of three people I have met-all have cute hair, so I have big hopes for a new me, come Saturday! =)

Did you get color? It almost looks like a little color was added, but maybe it is the lighting.

Kelly said...

Thank you Heather! I actually just did a non-permanent color that washes out in 28 shampoos. I am so low maintenance that I am afraid of the growing out process with color. It's a little darker than my natural shade.

Good luck with your hair appointment. I hope you find someone you like there, and get a cut that you are happy with. Take with you some photos of your inspirations, they really help! said...

This is soo cute! I absolutely love it! SOOO Chic! Good job!

Anna said...

Gasp! I love it!! I think your cut looks even better than the pictures you found.

I had 8 inches cut off last year and it was oddly liberating. I can identify with your own feeling on the matter.

Here's to great hair-cuts and dreaming of new wardrobes ...

Journeying Five said...

you look fab! totally suits you!