Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's No Fun, No Fun Staring at the Wall

In a couple of weeks my son will be two. He is already moody, throwing tantrums, getting into things and getting into trouble. I designated one corner in our house as "The Corner". When placed in the corner, the following sounds are heard: yelling and screaming at the wall, a sudden silence, followed by a doiiinnnnnggggg sound (from him playing with the doorstop), and then the yelling and screaming resumes. It was so funny, I just had to get a photo of my pitiful boy ... but while keeping a straight face of course!


Zil said...

No fun for the boy, but his elders from near and far are amused!

Lindsay said...

This picture is the best! I love it!! But of course, I have a two year old!