Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 Movies That Transport Me

Right now it is snowing. Just as I am thinking that I was glad that the rain washed away the mountains of snow in my yard, it starts snowing again. I like the snow, but in limited quantities and it makes me yearn for warmer climates and exotic places.

Since I don't get to travel much, I use movies as a means for escape. They transport me away from my house, my town and sometimes even my country. For 100 minutes I am in traveling Europe, shopping in New York or staying in an incredible beach house in the Hamptons.
French Kiss
Ah, Paris. Never been there but I imagine it to be somewhat fabulous. I love to follow Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline on their journey through the streets of Paris, the vineyard rich countryside of France and on down to the beautiful Cannes. I love to walk along the rows of vines and take in the view of the green hills, or lay on the sandy beaches of the French Riviera. If only I had the time to work on my pout and drink Evian.
Only You
The storyline is a little different than French Kiss, but the journey is very similar only it takes place in Italy. How I long to sit in the impressive lobby at the Hotel Danieli in Venice. Or stay at the charming Pencione (family owned boarding house) in Rome where I can sit in the courtyard and sip a cappuccino. And how I dream of enjoying a glass of fine red wine in a hillside restaurant in Positano. I wish I was Marisa Tomei in this film. Not only did she get to do all of these wonderful things, but she looked gorgeous with her short hair and simply elegant wardrobe.

Something's Gotta Give
Have you ever seen a house or an apartment that you love so much you long to just move in? That's how I feel about Diane Keaton's house in Something's Gotta Give. Her home is the perfect beach house! It sits high on a bluff, overlooking the Atlantic. Her bedroom has huge windows that let in a gorgeous view while she writes her plays and listens to French music. And the kitchen?! Let's just say it is perfection. I just want to whip up something gourmet whenever I see it.

Under the Tuscan Sun
I cannot even imagine suddenly buying a villa in Tuscany. To just move to a place I've never been before and fix up an 300 year old house is too much of a risk for me. But I love to see Diane Lane go from the crowded streets of San Fransico to the quaint countryside of Cortona, Italy. I am inspired by her surroundings, the olive groves, the fields of poppies and fading pink paint on her bedroom wall. Once again I travel to coastal town of Positano and take in the beauty of the hillside. È così bello!
You've Got Mail
I have seen this movie countless times. It is a comfort to me when I am sick, or snuggled up on the couch. It makes me want to drink tea, read Jane Austen and redecorate my house. It makes New York seem like a fantasy land with the sidewalk cafes, street fairs, children's bookstores and cozy apartments. I love Meg Ryan's apartment more than words can express (however, I seriously doubt that she could afford such a place on the upper West Side of Manhattan on her own). Her bed looks like a fluffy cloud of comfort. I want to make a cup of soup in her tiny kitchen and curl up with a good book. I covet her bedroom curtains. It's like this movie has 152 insights to my soul!
I realize that all of these movie are chick flicks. I'm okay with that because they are movies that I usually watch alone (as they are not my husband's cup of tea). I don't have to share them with anyone else. And after I am done traveling the world, I always come back to the best place on Earth ... home.

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