Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Reluctant Hiatus

We have been having some trouble with our cable lately. It's a long story that involves an exclusivity contract between our neighborhood's development company and a local cable & Internet provider, a lot of complaints, and the discontinuation of service. Anyway, it came down to us having to go out in search of a new cable provider and our choices are only between Direct TV and Dish Network.

After a great deal of frustration and being jerked around quite a bit by Dish Network, we are going to try Direct TV ... but the closest time for installation is this coming Sunday. That means that we have been without television since last Friday. I will tell the truth and say that I was none too pleased at the idea of being without the tube for over a week. I thought about all the programs I would miss, my favorite shows, and the noise.

I am pleased to say that now that it is Wednesday, I have found that I haven't missed it all that much. I actually kind of like the sound of silence and haven't felt that sense of depravity. I have also realized that I didn't watch as much television as I thought I did - my everyday life really hasn't been much different.

But don't even mention the idea of not having Internet service ... that would be truly unbearable!

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