Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars According to Me

Ah, the hoopla. The glitz. The glamour! That is pretty much why I love to watch the Oscars every year, because the truth is I have rarely seen any of the films that get nominated for Best Picture. I am not an avid follower of Sean Penn's acting career. I don't see Brad Pitt movies just to see Brad Pitt in a movie, and I think the last movie I actually saw in the theater was U23D back in March of last year.

I made it a point to watch the Oscars this year, not only for the fashion, but for Hugh Jackman! He did a great job hosting and I love how he can sing and dance, and look dreamy in a tuxedo (don't worry, my husband knows all about my little crush on Mr. Jackman, besides he has a few crushes of his own!) I think it is refreshing that someone who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies, with his sideburns and muscles flying about everywhere, can sing and dance with so much charm and charisma. But, enough about Hugh ... because I'm sure I could write much more on the topic ...

Favorite Moment

I admit it, I misted up when Heath Ledger won the award for Best Supporting Actor. I wouldn't necessary say I have been a "fan" of his, but I think his death was sad. When his family went to accept his award and mentioned his little girl Matilda, I got a little teary eyed. I saw The Dark Knight and I have to say that his performance was incredible. I'm glad that he won.

Tense Moment

Personally, I could care less about "Brangelina" and the break up of Brad and Jen. But, along with everyone else I imagine, I was paying close attention when Jennifer Aniston went up to present the award for Best Animated Film with Jack Black. The camera kept close to Angelina Jolie to see her reaction to Jen's jokes. She pity laughed. Brad pity laughed. How weird, what an incestuous world. I'm glad I am not a part of it. I will say, that I thought Jennifer looked much more beautiful than Angelina, she was like sunshine to Angie's darkness.

Best Win

I was glad to see Kate Winslet win for Best Actress. I haven't seen The Reader, but she has always been an excellent actress in my book. Plus being nominated so many times it was good to see her win. I loved how she mentioned practicing her win in front of the bathroom mirror with a shampoo bottle when she was eight years-old. It made her relatible. I do wish to have a talk with her about her dress though, yuck!

Best Dressed

The fashion is what it's all about for me. Apparently it is for my daughter too, whom after seeing the beautiful gowns being strutted down the red carpet, she went upstairs and put on her favorite (Christmas) dress, and started singing and talking into her microphone as if SHE was at the Oscars. It was priceless! As for me, I would love to get all dressed up and show off a beautiful creation. Here are a few of my favorites from last night (although I am sure some conflict with the fashion expert's assessments):

Anne Hathaway was born to wear an evening gown. This dress with the shimmery paillettes did not disappoint. I love that she didn't wear a necklace, it would have competed with the gown.

The thing I love about this dress is the color. That poppy red is a favorite of mine. I like the cut of the gown and think it is youthful, however I feel that it overwhelmed Amanda Seyfried. Someone more statuesque like Nicole Kidman could handle it a bit better. Her hair and makeup looks beautiful.

Gorgeous. Appropriate. Elegant. I would, however, would have liked to see a little pop of color on Jessica Biel. Maybe a red bag or emerald earrings. Other than that I give this look an A!

A few more Best Dressed shout-outs. I guess I am loving the red and the pale dresses this year.

Worst Dressed

I was disappointed this year with a lot of the choices. It seems that there was a lot of tulle and beading and weird shapes. And why can't anyone wear a dress that actually fits their body?

Oh dear. Reese Witherspoon you did disappoint me. This dress is sooooo ugly! All of the beading and draping. The blue and the black together looks weird. I don't care who designed it, I just wonder why you chose it. Not. Good.

Let's have a show of hands ... who is sick and tired of seeing Beyonce in another fishtail gown? It seems to be all she wears and the black with the gold ... bleh!

Why would someone with a high probability of winning the Oscar for Best Actress wear this on the big night? While it isn't offensive, it's just uninspiring and dull. Kate Winslet should have dressed more like a princess the way Penelope Cruz did. Yawn.

These dresses, while not horrible, are considered misses in my opinion. There is just something odd going on in all of these ensembles, whether it be the color, the hairstyle (Sarah Jessica Parker for example) or the details on the gowns.

I think the award season is now officially over for the year. That gives: Hollywood a year to make movies I'll probably never see. Celebrities a year to hook up, break up and mess up with each other several times over. And fashion designers a year to design gowns that I will pick on once again in 2010.

4 comments: said...

OK Kelly, I agree with you mostly. Jessica Biel, I didn't like her dress at all. It looked like something was just draped and belted. Or maybe she is trying to hide something?

Kelly said...

Jessica Biel does have a very nice figure and shouldn't be trying to cover it up, I agree. And after seeing the dress in full-length I realize that it was ill-fitting at the bottom. However, I just like the dress. I liked the column shape and structured details. I know I am probably alone in my opinion ... and I am okay with that :)

Zil said...

One commenter said that the dresses Meryl and Sophia wore reminded him of Norman Bates in Psycho when he put on his mother's dress and moths flew out of it.

Kelly said...

That Psycho reference is funny! I haven't actually seen the whole film, but an image comes to mind. Sophia Loren's dress was pretty hideous and the color did not work with her skin tone. She looked kind of sick actually.