Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Plant Whisperer

It's true. I am a genius! I have single-handedly brought a plant back to life!

Well, not really, but that's what we humans would like to believe. That we have the ability to perform miracles, to breathe life into something. It is our nature to want to take the credit and have all the glory. When really, the glory and the credit belongs to God.

After realizing that I had an amaryllis bulb still in it's box out in the garage (that had been there for about three years!), I decided that it would be a good project for my daughter and I to work on. I pulled the pot and the bulb out of the box and discovered that the bulb had actually flowered and produced leaves! The flower didn't get very big, it was shriveled and dry and the leaves were not very impressive. I started to peel away layers off the bulb and found the bulb to be very small and sad looking. I found the beginnings of two leaves, struggling to find the light ... and they were as white as snow.

As fast as we could, my daughter and I put the bulb in the soil and set the pot by the window so it could get some sun. It has been a week now, and the leaves have found the light. They are becoming green and starting to grow. It is a miracle.

After only a week, the leaves are growing and turning a beautiful green with pinkish tips!

This left an impression on me. I equate it to my spiritual life in that if I am not feeding myself with the Word of God, I am stunted and unable to bear fruit or flower. I may try on my own, but unless I can find the light, I will remain colorless and sad.

I would rather be a brilliant red flower.


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Anna said...

I can so identify with being fed by the Word or suffer life stunted and unable to flower. Well said.

(I had no idea you could nudge a bulb along like that. I can't wait to see it bloom!)