Monday, April 27, 2009

Maverick and Iceman

The Top Gun Fighter Pilot Cousins!

I have one cousin ... and I don't know her. She is seven years older than me and there has never been a common ground for us to relate with each other. So it is a precious thing to see my children playing with their cousins! I love to hear the giggles and watch them interact. My son is only three months younger than one of his cousins and we like to dress them up like twins and start snapping away with the camera. They both have blond hair and blue eyes, but their personalities are very different. It is my hope that they will be friends as they grow older.

We spent the last weekend with family ... a lot of family! And it was so special for me to see a reunion of sisters, brothers, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, sons, and in-laws. Coming together to celebrate an amazing achievement is a beautiful thing.

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Zil said...

What cute tiny old men! said...

I love this picture! How cute the two of them are!