Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mommy Brain

Other moms know what I am talking about when I say "mommy brain". There is something that happens to a woman after having children that makes her become forgetful and confused at times. I have had a case of the mommy brain twice in the last week ... real bad.

Every two weeks my son's physical therapist comes over to the house to track his progress and give tips for how to encourage his walking. Last Wednesday I was sitting in my office, working, and I thought to myself that it was probably about time for another visit from her. I looked at my calendar and saw that I had her down for a visit the next week, then I went about my business. Suddenly the doorbell rang and sure enough, it was her. I looked at her like "Hello, nice to see you ... but what are you doing here?". She gave me a look like "Good morning, why are you looking at me that way, I am supposed to be here." I told her to come on in, but that I wasn't expecting her until the 15th, to which she replied that it was the 15th! I was off by an entire week! I foolishly thought it was the 8th and my face turned scarlet red as I tried to nonchalantly pick up my shoes that were lying on the floor and fold a blanket that sat mussed on the couch.

And then there was yesterday. I went grocery shopping and bought some loose leaf tea from the bulk section. I remember scooping the tea into the bags, labeling them with the appropriate bulk number and that's about it. So when I was unloading my grocery bags yesterday, I was confused as to why I couldn't find them. I checked my cupboard multiple times ... they weren't there. I retraced my steps and thought that maybe I had left them in the bulk section, but after checking my receipt I found that I had paid for them. Well, then the checker must not have included them in my bags! So I called the store, asking if they were still in the check-out line I had used, and there was no sign of them. I was going crazy! I wanted my tea, I didn't want to have to make a trip all the way back to the store to get more, and I was mostly frustrated that I couldn't figure out what happened.

Later I found the bags of tea in the crisper drawer in my refrigerator. Because why wouldn't they be in there?

See ... mommy brain!


Lindsay said...

Oh, Kelly. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I called my mother in law last weekend at 10:25 wondering where she was (she was supposed to visit). She responded that she was coming at 11am like I asked. She was right. This is not my only example unfortunately....

Lindsay said...

I should also add that I told E. she'd be coming at 10am and the poor girl was waiting at the window for close to an hour!