Monday, April 20, 2009

More Bang for My Buck

Who would have thought beans and legumes could be so lovely?
It would seem that everywhere I go I see evidence of the economic recession. Businesses are shutting down, golf courses are closing their doors, and luxuries like eating out doesn't seem to be high on the priority list. And while these are hard times, I think it is a good thing in some respects.
I am trying to be more creative with how and where I spend my money. I try to make meals that will provide good left-overs for next day lunches. And I have been cooking A LOT of beans! This last week we had 12 bean soup. It tasted good, was satisfying, provided leftovers and used up some leftovers. I used homemade chicken stock that I keep on hand in the freezer, threw in some left over Easter ham and a chopped onion. And probably the best part about it is that I bought the bag of beans for $.99!
I have started to make a point of going to the Grocery Outlet store before my regular grocery shopping and I have scored some great deals. Items like pasta sauce, tea, brownie mix and a hirkin' jug of Clorox bleach at low prices have made these trips worthwhile. And, and so does the Starbucks chocolate bars for half the price at regular stores!


heather said...

We eat a lot of beans! I started making 12 bean soup this winter-it sure is good and economical!

Lindsay said...

I'm making 12 bean soup this week with a ham hock. Love it! So cheap and so healthy. Wonderful pic, btw!