Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I often feel as though I have blinked and my kids went from being sweet little babies to funny and smart young adults.
My daughter will be five years old in a couple of weeks. Five! It is incredible how my life has changed since she was born. And how that little angel I used to hold in my arms is now excited about things like lip gloss. She is constantly complimenting me on my outfit, she wants to cut her hair like mine, and is already keeping the door shut to her room to ward off her encroaching little brother.
She has "nap time" although she rarely naps, and she often protests that she is not sleepy. But one day I went in to get her up in the afternoon and she had been sleeping. She suddenly looked at me with sleepy eyes and said "I don't know what happened Mom, I was playing and now I am in my bed". Yeah, she had been sleeping soundly for some time, wrapped up in her sheets and drooling unknowingly onto her pillow.
My boy is growing up way too fast as well. Probably the one thing that makes my heart melt into a little puddle more than anything else is when I tell him "I love you" and he looks at me and says "Eeeee Aaaaaah you!" I am not entirely sure he knows what that means, but we say it so much around our house that I think he has an inkling. And when he raises his eyebrows, he is only able to raise his left one while the other one remains paralyzed. The look of concentration in his face is priceless!
I know I have mentioned before that he loves cars. Well, if I am in the magazine section at the store, I will give him a magazine about cars to look at (one without a hot babe in a bikini draped across the vehicle of course!). And he is so funny because he shouts "CAWS!" at the top of his lungs. The other day he was flipping through Street Trucks and found a page about nothing but wheels. I am sure that he could be heard throughout the store shouting, "WHEELS! Wheels, wheels, WHEEEEELS!" Boy am I glad we don't use profanity in our house ... who knows what he might be shouting.

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