Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Earl Grey Kind of a Day

It has been raining so much the last few days, which is a bit surprising since I live in "Oregon's City of Sunshine". They have been the kind of days when you just want to curl up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a blanket.

It is so easy to find reason to complain about the rain; but it is also easy to see the good that comes of it. It encourages cozy days spent inside. It is cleansing. It helps things to grow and it enhances the beauty around us. And, oh how I appreciate a good nap on a drizzly afternoon.

These gorgeous blooms were taken on a particularly dark and wet day. Isn't it amazing how water brings out the vibrant colors of nature? I love how the grayness of the backdrop allows the bright hues of God's creations to really pop!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Mmmm...deliciously dark tea and clouded days. All make for fine, fine pictures.

So nice!