Monday, May 4, 2009

Memo ... As In "Nemo"

This weekend we helped our friends move a very large salt water fish tank. (Actually my husband helped move the thing and I took photos and cheered everybody on.) This tank of marine life is quite a thing to behold with all of the coral, anemones and tropical fish.

Our friend encouraged me to take a photo of some of the fish, but warned me that it is difficult to do. In fact, it is considered a true art form to get a decent shot of these wriggling little things. I was up to the challenge. I was convinced I could get a great shot. But he was right, it takes a true artist with time, patience and camera know-how to get spectacular photo.

This is what I was able to capture of a clown fish:

My son peered into the tank and kept yelling "Memo! Memo!" at the clown fish.

Not bad if I do say so myself ... uh, although it did take me MANY tries. Most of the images were blurry because they move around so much. Squirmy little suckers!

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