Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Sparkly Bandages Today

Turning five is an exciting thing for a kid ... except when that means you have to get not only one shot, but FIVE! For my daughter's annual wellness check-up she happily donned the paper gown, she tattled on herself when she said she didn't like to eat vegetables very much, and she passed all of the tests with flying colors. She is healthy! But it was heartbreaking when we found out that she would be getting five pokes today.

The anticipation quickly began to build. She whimpered even before the nurse came in the exam room. She shrieked when the alcohol was applied to her little legs. Then the real screaming began!

When she composed herself ten minutes later, she limped pitifully out of the clinic with a rainbow sucker in one hand and a pink helium balloon in the other. On the way home she talked about how brave she was and that last time she had a shot she got a sparkly bandage, and that she wished she got a sparkly bandage this time. It's amazing what things leave an impression on such a young girl.

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