Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Bear

My daughter had her birthday yesterday. Her 5th birthday! I cannot express my joy, sadness and complete awe at how fast the last five years have passed. I'm sad only because she is growing up. And while she is becoming a very lovely lady, part of me yearns for the days when she would fit in my arms, sit contentedly in the grocery cart, and say things like "bapee" which meant apple and "leeleelella" for Cinderella. I miss the days when she would let me put her hair up in pigtails - now she has specific ideas as to how to style her hair. But much to my joy, she still wears princess dresses and fairy wings!

I love you baby girl. You may have received many gifts yesterday, but you gave me the best gift of all the day you were born ... the gift of motherhood. I am so proud of you, you will always be my "Sweet Bear" no matter what age you are.

All tuckered out after the company picnic. I think this would make a perfect print ad for Graco!

She waited patiently with me for a wedding to start. While pink is her favorite color, I think she looks amazing in blue.

I love the combination of the pigtails, sundress, and frog tattoo!

She is always up for an adventure.

Princess dresses and fairy wings are staples of her wardrobe.

A very beautiful five ... sniff, sniff ... year-old.


Zil said...

Sweet story. Time goes by so quickly.

Journeying Five said...

beautiful post! she looks like a little lady!

Lindsay said...

A beautiful post for a beautiful five year old.