Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Boy Bed

It's been a big day for our little boy because he officially got his own "big boy bed"! We tried things out first by disassembling his crib and putting the mattress on the floor, and over the last few weeks he has figured things out. At night when we go to check on him we always find him on his bed, usually curled up on top of his favorite blanket.

So, today we went out and bought him a mattress and box spring. We put on spiffy new red sheets, a fancy Lightning McQueen bed spread, and got him all tucked in. When it was bedtime, he knew just what to do and went right for the bed, knowing he is a big boy now.

While I am thrilled to see my kids grow up and watch them reach very important milestones, I have to admit that getting rid of the crib and highchair that both of my babies used will be an emotional event. Sniff, sniff.

Brand spanking new sheets, a Cars Piston Cup bed spread, and Mommy-made pillowcase and this boy is stylin'. There is no way this he is going back to a crib now!

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PeePaw said...

J is getting so big! Is his bed still on tires (errrr WHEELS)?