Monday, June 8, 2009

You Shouldn't Judge A Book By It's Cover ... But I Often Do!

This probably isn't a good thing, but I am a sucker for packaging. I am much more likely to purchase something because it's pretty than because it is truly a good product. For example, a few years ago I was in Costco moving past the books table and I spotted a book, The Wine Maker's Daughter, and I was so intrigued by the cover that I bought it. The book was okay, but I did have to force myself to finish it to justify the purchase.

This cover is stunning and attention grabbing - I just couldn't pass it by.

Then there are fancy soaps; a REAL problem for me. I can't help myself around handmade soaps that have been wrapped in pink polka dot tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. I have dozens of these sitting, unwrapped in my linen closet. Why would I actually use them? They are so pretty!

To me, this is absolute eye candy!

So, when I ran out of my favorite body lotion, Aveeno Baby (which is about $5 a tube) I scurried to the store to buy more. But I went to the grocery outlet first to see if they had it for a cheaper price. No luck. But, they did have a jar of cocoa butter for $1.29. The price was appealing ... but the packaging was not!

There just isn't anything pretty about this jar. Even the color of yellow is alarming like road construction yellow. But the cocoa butter cream is what I plan to use from now on!

I have to say that trying to get used to the smell of this stuff took a while because I am quite partial to unscented lotions. But as a sufferer of very dry skin, this stuff rocks! I am so glad I ignored my packaging fetish ... uh, but I am thinking a lovely antique jar might be in order to store the cream in ... that yellow just wont do!


Zil said...

I like the way cocoa butter makes my skin feel, but the chocolate or coconut smell of most of them is unappealing.

Kelly said...

I agree, I feel like I'm wearing some kind of dessert on my skin by the way the cocoa butter smells. Oh how I wish it was unscented!