Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Creative Space

As if I don't have enough projects to work on, I decided to get out the old sewing machine. It is a capable machine (unlike the $10 garage sale purchase I had used for years, and finally died) and is easy to use. The only thing is that I had no good place to set it up so it sat collecting dust in the garage.

If I set it up at the dining room table, we couldn't eat together due to the invasion of straight pins and spools of thread. Plus, a curious two year-old is bound to play with the pedal, which could be disasterous! Finally I had a revelation: the unused space in my bedroom would do nicely! I have set up a cozy little sewing studio with a large mirror leaned against a wall and natural light from the window.

Now I can finally get to work on the various projects that have piling up. The first order of business: mend the Little Mermaid's fins and seashells, or my daughter won't stop asking about them. Ever.

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