Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Many Reasons To Celebrate

Today was a somewhat momentous day. My daughter finished up preschool, and was registered for Kindergarten. It's a little hard to believe that come Fall, my baby girl will be in grade school.

Here she is, checking out her new school. She is wearing a t-shirt that she decorated at preschool for the last day - an interesting blend of her past and future!

On a different note, my son is officially walking on his own! The walker is gone and he is scurrying around everywhere. We are so thrilled, God is good!

Check out my boy, moving around with no assistance. There is no stopping him now!

And finally, after the untimely death of my 50mm lens (okay, it didn't really die, but it stopped connecting to the camera), I got my new lens today! A 60mm Micro Nikkor! This beauty takes great macro shots as well as portraits. Ooh, I will am having fun getting to know it better and its capabilities.

As if this happy face wasn't reason enough to celebrate, capturing it with my new lens makes it even better!

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